Our 15' 1967 Serro Scotty 'Gaucho' camp trailer
I will try to post pics as I am working on it.  We got this trailer from a friend - I think in 1999 if I remember right.  He had completely dissasembled it and replaced the plywood walls, roof support wood, and all the interior paneling.  Unfortunately, it has always leaked a bit when we've had it.  Well, the tarp on it died and I never got any help to put a new one on it.  The interior was completely ruined the winter of 2007/08.  Too much mold to mess with trying to save any of it.  So, starting on May 16, 2008, I am completely gutting the interior and replacing it.  There were a few things about the layout that I didn't care for anyhow, so I now have the chance to fix it how  * I * want it :)  I am doing away with the fridge that was on the drivers side wall.  I am keeping the back/couch as they were, and also keeping the front dinette/bed the same as well.  The dinette overhead cabinet will be similar - and there will be a cabinet similar to the front one over the back bed/couch.  Everything else will be changed!  No more fridge, and I am thinking possibly a closet/pantry in it's place - and a bench with underseat storage beside it.  The passenger side will have a sink/counter and overhead cupboard similar to 'stock'.
Here is a pic from about 10 years ago not long after we got the trailer.  We were camping near Winthrop on the Chewuch river.   I had completely repainted it not long before this trip and it was looking pretty spiffy!  I'm trying to find that color blue/green paint again so I can spifff up the outside again this time around :)
Here are the new tail lights we chose to use - they are a sealed lense with a rubber grommet and very durable.
The side marker is getting replaced too.
This is the only pic I got of the interior before I put the new insulation and luan down.  This is the rear interior - after this pic, I replaced the wood around the tail lights and behind the license plate, framed out the walls with 1x2's and insulated the walls AND ceiling with styrofoam insulation.  I put new 1/4'' birch Luan down to level the floor to get it ready for new linoleum, and new 1/8'' oak Luan on the walls/ceiling.  Now I need to find a nice 'retro' linoleum!