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Just after new paint....  I decided to put all new running lights.  New decals will come eventually.  I am buying a carport for her this fall, so she won't ever get wet again!

Before I painted her though, I took off any loose sealant and completely resealed all the corners, seams, roof vent and coated the roof with a roll on sealant as well.  It shouldn't leak, but I'm not taking the chance.  It's too much work to redo the interior!
Her first trip after the start of the rebuild.  We went to Brinnon, WA - along Hood Canal.  Oyster paradise!

She got all new running lights - and are they ever cool!  I will have to get a night time pic to show how they light up.  I even got lights that fit in the end of the bumper, but haven't hooked them up to power yet.

This is our first trip for our 'new' 1998 Suburban too - it towed the Scotty great!  A big improvement from the '88 Suburban!

The roof vent lid and front window got broken on this trip, but the roof vent lid was very inexpensive and easy to replace.
Here is the new dinette I built.... nothing is original, but it is patterned after the original stuff.  I love the tapestry I found with the deer.

The countertop and table are going to be redone with a retro formica called ''aqua boomerang''.
The temporary ''curtains'' were some vintage linens from my grandmother.  Still looking for material and designs for curtains.....

Flooring will be a commercial grade pure vinyl non-slip flooring in a cornflower blue with white/black/silver specks in it :)  It will be installed soon, pics to come!