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I was so excited when I found a bedding set that fit the trailer perfectly!  The blue is the same color as the linoleum!

I embroidered mine and hubby's name on the pillowcases, love that font!
This is the cabinet I built on the road side.  I think it's 28'' wide if I remember right, and 18'' deep.  I made a solid bottom shelf right above the wheel well, and the rest is adjustable shelving.  It came in SO handy to have all that closet space for bedding and pillows for our last camping trip!
This pic turned out much more clear and definitely shows off the oak color, although it's not quite that 'warm' of a color in person.  This is the bottom of the road-side closet.  There is just enough room in that lower cabinet for a dustpan and a rechargable drill, LOL.  The rest is taken up by the wheel well.
This is a medicine cabinet I made just in front of the road-side closet.  I think I may end up making it a tad deeper though and maybe go all the way to the ceiling too.... in time though.  I'm enjoying it being done enough to go camping in comfortably now!