page 4
This is the cabinet I built over the
gaucho bed - it's in mahogany and the
panels in the doors are the same
mahogany that I used for the
walls/ceiling.  It is similar to the one
over the dinette, only not as much
space in it since the roof is rounder in
the back.
This is the gaucho bed - we have a
futon mattress there instead of the
cushions.  It's pretty comfortable as a
bed, but not so much as a couch!
You can see the nice big drawer I built
under the bed though - very handy for
shoes and things!
Here is the kitchen cupboard!  I really like
how it turned out!  Many thanks to friends
on the SerroScotty yahoogroups that helped
me with measurements on this!  I did make
it as close to original as I could, but I did
make it a bit wider (left to right).  I ended
up putting a hook/eye on the doors to keep
them closed during travel.
Here is the kitchen counter/cabinet!  I am
very happy with how this one turned out as
well.  I have drawers! and the drawers work
great!  The sink will go over the large door
on the left and I'll probably build shelves in
there after I route the plumbing.  On the
right is the two drawers and the third door is
just a short space because of the wheel well.
Here is the dinette cabinet with doors on it
now - and you can see I went with boring
white curtains (hubby and I couldn't come
to a consensus, so I went neutral!)  I think I
decided not to put a curtain on the front
window since we have the rock guard we
can put down for privacy at night.  It's less
cluttered up front that way then.
My next project on the Scotty will be the sink and holding tank.  I'm going to order a tank in September
and install an electric pump instead of the original type manual pump.  I'm still deciding on dealing with
the waste water.  The new formica on the counter (aqua boomerang) will also grace the dinette table in
September - and I think I will be making a small fold-down counter end on the kitchen counter.  I am
also debating about building a bench seat where the potty room was originally.  A cooler fits there very
nicely though, so I may just build something to contain the cooler during travel and make a cushion that
fits on the top of the cooler instead.  I really want to encorporate some of the deer leather I inherited
from my grandfather into the trailer somehow........

I also need to replace the roof vent - it has a crack in the housing and even with sealer it still leaks :(  I
need to get that purchased before Jacob's last day at work (Camping World) - he's headed to college
August 21st and his last day at work will be August 17th I believe - not much time left!  He's trying to
talk me into a vent with a 12v vent fan.......... hmm, maybe!  I have electricity right there for lights.....