Scotty decorating
       I have purchased a bunch of fabric from Moda's line called ''Pampered Pooch'' - and I plan to make a quilt
for the SerroScotty!  I bought a really nice comforter set last year  that I really like, so I might make the quilt to
be a privacy curtain for the back gaucho bed though - something to take naps in privacy during the day
camping! LOL!  Or to hold body heat in during cold nights without a heater.  I will have to give it some thought
and do some careful measuring first.

My plan for finishing the Scotty this spring is to get the sink and water tank in.... and to build a bench where the
potty used to be - the bench will house a cooler and have seating on top.  I think the seating will be done in
leather from my grandpa's buckskins I inherited :)

Here are pics of some of the fabric I got:

I got 3 yards of the Scotty dogs on the green
(paid $9/yd, yikes)
I got 4 yards of this green plaid because it
was on sale for $3.99/yd!  SCORE!  This
premium quilter's cotton usually goes for
more than twice that price a yard!
I got 3 charm packs
Charm packs are a bundle of 5''x5''
squares of usually around 40 fabrics.  
Sometimes they are all 40 different
fabrics from the same line.  These
particular charm packs have 46
pieces.  I think that is 46 different
fabrics too - hence the reason I bought
3 packs, so I could have some repeats.
AND, I got a ''jelly roll'' of the line as
well.  A jelly roll is a roll of 2 1/2''x44''
strips of the same fabrics as the charm
I also have this adorable
hand-embroidered vintage towel I
inherited from Grandma's linen stash
to put in the trailer - isn't it adorable?!!!
I think I'll make a mini towel bar to hang
on the side of the upper cabinet by the
door for this cutie :)