First day out with the new transfer case addition to get lower gears.  Brian said it worked great!  Unfortunately the
battery died while working on a slide area and it was an ordeal for him to get it back down.  A new
deep-cycling battery in it and it started right up - ended up to be just a tired old battery I guess.........

You can see in the pic how the exhaust was routed - behind the battery box with insulated pipe.  It's quieter in there
than it was with it running underneath!  Brian was really hesitant to run the exhaust that way, but there was really
no other way with the diff the way it is and to keep the exhaust fumes out of the cab.  It's done now and it's
functional, that's what matters!  I think Brian i
s finally done with his modifications to the Toaster.
February 27-28, 2009
The camera was on the wrong setting for
this pic - love the background though.......
cutting through the snow slide to get up to
the snowmobiling/snowboarding spot......